Yellow Necklacepod – Sophora tomentosa var. truncata


An excellent shrub for residential landscapes, Sophora tomentosa var. truncata (Yellow Necklacepod) provides food and cover for wildlife. The flowers are enjoyed by bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Yellow Necklacepod is very easy to grow and tolerates poor soils and drought. Looking at the showy seedpods that drip from this shrub you can see where its common name comes from. The yellow flowers are very showy and bloom practically all year long on terminal spikes. Sophora tomentosa var. truncata is a large to medium shrub that typically reaches 8-10 feet. The leaves are a shiny green and slightly hairy when young and become glabrous (smooth) as they mature. Yellow Necklacepod works well as a specimen or accent shrub inland or coastal areas where it tolerates a moderate amount of salt wind without damage. Yellow Necklacepod will grow on the west coast from Levy County south to the Monroe Keys and on the east coast from Brevard County south.

December 2014
February 2017

In the wild, you can find Yellow Necklacepod growing in shell mounds, maritime hammocks, edges of coastal forests and thickets, beach dunes, coastal strands, inland borders of marine tidal swamp and marine tidal marsh.

*note that there is a non-native species Sophora tomentosa var. occidentalis commonly sold. A way to tell the difference is S. occidentalis has fuzzy leaves giving it a more silvery appearance. This one should be avoided as evidence tells us that it can cross pollinate and hybridize with our native species. Our native S. truncata has shiny, glabrous (smooth) leaves after they mature. Purchase yours from a reputable Florida native plants nursery to avoid the issue. Visit Florida Association of Native Nurseries to find a retail Florida native plants nursery in your area.


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