Meet a Critter: Orchard Orb Weaver – Leucauge argyra

Leucage venusta1
Leucauge argyra

We celebrate all arachnids (spiders) in our garden and the Leucauge argyra (Orchard Orb Weaver) is a welcome resident. Leucauge argyra can easily be confused with the similar looking Leucauge venusta. The abdomen of Leucauge venusta is typically more colorful with silver, yellow, black, green, and bright orange or pink spots. To compare the two, look here. Orchard Orb Weavers construct their webs rather close to the ground on small trees, shrubs or other vegetation. The mass of eggs is laid not far from the web and are usually found on nearby stems or leaves. It is quite entertaining to watch the little spiderlings hatch and scatter to make webs of their very own. Leucage argyra are harmless creatures and rarely do they bite. If they were to bite, their venom is weak and used to paralyze their small insect victims, not you or I. Most spiders do have venom, but very few are a danger to humans. Most spiders either won’t bite at all, hardly ever bite or if they do bite it causes no serious harm.

leucage venusta
Leucauge argyra

One thought on “Meet a Critter: Orchard Orb Weaver – Leucauge argyra

  1. Happy to see someone else who loves spiders! i just moved to FL from a cold area and look forward to discovering all the new bugs here.


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